Folia Parasitologica, vol. 29 (1982), issue 2

Folia Parasitologica 29[2] 107-113 (1982)

Blood parasites of birds in Central Europe. 4. Trypanosoma, "Atoxoplasma", Microfilariae and other rare haematozoa.

J Kucera

The present paper, the last in the series on avian blood parasites in Central Europe, summarizes the data on parasites of the genera Trypanosoma, "Atoxoplasma", "Lankesterella", microfilariae and spirochaetes found in this region. Trypanosomes occur most frequently in Columbiformes, Corvidae, Galliformes and Strigiformes, while "Aloxoplasma" is encountered only in passerines, most frequently in Fringillidae, Passeridae and Hirundinidae; "Lankesterella" is to be found only in two species of passerines. Microfilariae occur in Corvidae and Galliformes, and spirochaetes were encountered in the blood smears from four birds only. All these organisms are very rarely found in birds due to the fact that the blood smears made from peripheral blood of birds are unsuitable for the diagnosis of these parasites.

Published: June 1, 1982