Folia Parasitologica, vol. 29 (1982), issue 2

Folia Parasitologica 29[2] 167-176 (1982)

Laelapidae (Acarina) of some small mammals from Toro game reserve, Uganda.

F Dusbábek, M Daniel, W M Til

Laelapid mites of some small mammals from the Toro Game Reserve in Western Uganda were studied. The following species were determined: Laelaps (Echinolaelaps) muricola Trägardh, L. (E.) giganteus Berlese, L. (laelaps) grenieri Taufflieb, L. (L.) kampalensis Taufflieb, L. (L.) liberiensis Hirst, Androlaelaps callosus (Berlese) and A. zulu (Berlese). A female and a male of a new species Androlaelaps verneri sp. N. and up to now unknown males of A. callosus and L. kampalensis are described. All species found are briefly discussed.

Published: June 1, 1982