Folia Parasitologica, vol. 60 (2013), issue 3

Folia Parasitologica 60[3] 237-247 (2013) | DOI: 10.14411/fp.2013.027

Blood flukes (Digenea: Aporocotylidae) of walking catfishes (Siluriformes: Clariidae): new genus and species from the Mekong River (Vietnam) with comments on related catfish aporocotylids

Triet Nhat Truong1, Stephen A. Bullard2
1 Department of Aquaculture, Dongthap Community College, Dongthap, Vietnam;
2 Aquatic Parasitology Laboratory, Department of Fisheries and Allied Aquacultures, College of Agriculture, Auburn University, Auburn, Alabama, USA

Abstract: Nomasanguinicola canthoensis gen. et sp. n. infects the branchial vessels of bighead catfish, Clarias macrocephalus GŁnther (Siluriformes: Clariidae), in the Mekong River near Can Tho, southern Vietnam. Nomasanguinicola differs from all other genera of fish blood flukes (Digenea: Aporocotylidae) by the combination of lacking body spines and by having an anterior sucker with two flanking columns of large denticles, an intestine comprising several short papilla-like caeca, an inverse U-shaped uterus, and an ootype located near the separate genital pores. The new species has an ootype that is posterior to the level of the female genital pore. That feature most easily differentiates it from the only other putative aporocotylid species having an anterior sucker with two flanking columns of large denticles, Plehniella dentata Paperna, 1964 and Sanguinicola clarias Imam, Marzouk, Hassan et Itman, 1984, which have an ootype that is lateral (P. dentata) or anterior (S. clarias) to the level of the female genital pore. These two species apparently lack extant type materials, infect North African catfish, Clarias gariepinus (Burchell), and herein are considered incertae sedis, but likely comprise species of Nomasanguinicola. An updated list of hosts, sites of infection and geographic localities for the six species and three genera of blood flukes that mature in catfishes is provided. The new species is the first fish blood fluke recorded from Vietnam and only the third reported from a walking catfish (Clariidae).

Keywords: taxonomy, Nomasanguinicola canthoensis, Sanguinicola clarias, Plehniella dentata, Clarias macrocephalus, South East Asia

Received: November 13, 2012; Accepted: February 2, 2013; Published: July 23, 2013


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