Folia Parasitologica, vol. 40 (1993), issue 3

Scanning electron microscopic revision of common species of the genus Chloromyxum (Myxozoa: Myxosporea) infecting European freshwater fishes

J. Lom and I. Dyková

Folia Parasitologica 40[3] 161-174 (1993)

The occurrence of Sphaerospora renicola K-stages in the choroidal re mirabile of the common carp

K. Molnár

Folia Parasitologica 40[3] 175-180 (1993)

Purification and partial characterization of cytosolic malate dehydrogenase from Tritrichomonas foetus

I. Hrdý

Folia Parasitologica 40[3] 181-185 (1993)

A. Rolfs, I. Schuller, U. Finckh, I. Weber-Rolfs: PCR: Clinical Diagnostics and Research.

O. Ditrich

Folia Parasitologica 40[3] 186 (1993)

Virulence of Naegleria fowleri affected by axenic cultivation and passage in mice

D. T. John and M. J. Howard

Folia Parasitologica 40[3] 187-191 (1993)

The life cycle of Paryphostomum radiatum (Dujardin, 1845) (Trematoda: Echinostomatidae), a parasite of cormorants

V. Našincová, T. Scholz and F. Moravec

Folia Parasitologica 40[3] 193-201 (1993)

H. Melhorn, D, Düwel, W. Raether : Diagnose und Therapie der Parasitosen von Haus-, Nutz-, und Heimtieren. [Diagnostics and therapy of parasitoses of domestic-, utility- and pet animals.]

František Moravec

Folia Parasitologica 40[3] 202 (1993)

Transmission electron microscopy of ventral sucker papillae of Brachylaimus aequans (Digenea: Brachylamaimidae)

Z. Žďárská

Folia Parasitologica 40[3] 203-207 (1993)

Huffmanela sp. eggs (Nematoda: Trichosomoididae), as a human spurious parasite in a child from Barcelona (Spain)

J. Gállego, C. Riera and M. Portús

Folia Parasitologica 40[3] 208-210 (1993)

Nematode parasites of fishes of the Paraná River, Brazil. Part 3. Camallanoidea and Dracunculoidea

F. Moravec, A. Kohn and B. M. M. Fernandes

Folia Parasitologica 40[3] 211-229 (1993)

J. R. Busvine: Disease Transmission by Insects. Its Discovery and 90 Years of Effort to Prevent it.

F. Dusbábek

Folia Parasitologica 40[3] 230 (1993)

Immunoreactive proteins of Acanthocheilonema viteae (Nematoda: Filarioidea) adults: solubilization on various detergents

S. Misra, D. P. Singh, N. Fatma and R. K. Chatterjee

Folia Parasitologica 40[3] 231-235 (1993)

Prevalence of borreliae in Ixodes ricinus ticks from urban parks

Z. Hubálek, J. Halouzka and Z. Juřicová

Folia Parasitologica 40[3] 236 (1993)

Ixodes ricinus immatures on birds in a focus of Lyme borreliosis

P. F. Humair, N. Turrian, A. Aeschlimann and L. Gern

Folia Parasitologica 40[3] 237-242 (1993)

Redescription of Demodex soricinus (Acari: Demodecidae) from the sebaceous glands of Sorex araneus (Insectivora)

V. Bukva

Folia Parasitologica 40[3] 243-248 (1993)