Folia Parasitologica, vol. 43 (1996), issue 4

Comparisons of molecular karyotype and RAPD patterns of anuran trypanosome isolates during long-term in vitro cultivation

Zhao-Rong Lun and Sherwin S. Desser

Folia Parasitologica 43[4] 241-248 (1996)

Development of a myxozoan parasite Tetracapsula bryozoides gen. n. et sp. n. in Cristatella mucedo (Bryozoa: Phylactolaemata)

Elizabeth U. Canning, Beth Okamura and Alan Curry

Folia Parasitologica 43[4] 249-261 (1996)

Occurrence, prevalence, and effects of the myxozoan Tetracapsula bryozoides parasitic in the freshwater bryozoan Cristatella mucedo (Bryozoa: Phylactolaemata)

Beth Okamura

Folia Parasitologica 43[4] 262-266 (1996)

Techniques for isolating thermotolerant and pathogenic freeliving amebae

David T. John and Marsha J. Howard

Folia Parasitologica 43[4] 267-271 (1996)

Co-occurrence and microhabitat of Ancyrocephalus mogurndae (Monogenea) on gills of the mandarin fish, Siniperca chuatsi

Pin Nie

Folia Parasitologica 43[4] 272-276 (1996)

Ultrastructure of the gastrodermis and posterior gut pockets of Concinnocotyla australensis (Platyhelminthes, Monogenea, Polystomatidae) and comparison with another polystomatid, Neopolystoma spratti

Nikki A. Watson and Ian D. Whittington

Folia Parasitologica 43[4] 277-286 (1996)

Redescription of Proteocephalus macrophallus, a parasite of Cichla ocellaris (Pisces: Cichlidae) from South America

Tomáš Scholz, Alain de Chambrier, Antonín Prouza, and Ramiro Royero

Folia Parasitologica 43[4] 287-291 (1996)

J. Kaufmann: Parasitic Infections of Domestic Animals: A Diagnostic Manual.

Břetislav Koudela

Folia Parasitologica 43[4] 292 (1996)

Oochoristica macallisteri sp. n. (Cyclophyllidea: Linstowiidae) from the side-blotched lizard, Uta stansburiana (Sauria: Phrynosomatidae), from California, USA

Charles R. Bursey and Stephen R. Goldberg

Folia Parasitologica 43[4] 293-296 (1996)

Oswaldocruzia venezuelensis sp. n. (Nematoda: Trichostrongylina, Molineoidea), a parasite of Bufo marinus from Venezuela

Badreddine Ben Slimane, R. Guerrero and Marie-Claude Durette-Desset

Folia Parasitologica 43[4] 297-300 (1996)

Scanning electron microscopy of the rare nematode species Pterygodermatites bovieri (Nematoda: Rictatuliriidae), a parasite of bats

Vasilij V. Tkach and Zdzislaw P. Swiderski

Folia Parasitologica 43[4] 301-304 (1996)

Experimental studies on the infectivity of Anguillicola crassus third-stage larvae (Nematoda) from paratenic hosts

Csaba Székely

Folia Parasitologica 43[4] 305-311 (1996)

Apodemodex cornutus gen. n. et sp. n. (Acari: Demodecidae): new genus and new species of the hair follicle mite from the Mediterranean water shrew, Neomys anomalus (Insectivora: Soricidae)

Vladimír Bukva

Folia Parasitologica 43[4] 312-316 (1996)